Welcome To Dogs Favorite Things

Welcome to Dogs Favorite Things!

It is wonderful that today there are so many products that add to the comfort and enjoyment of our faithful dog friends.  Not that they need any luxury to be happy.  But we want to pamper those we love and adore.  The Amazon products promoted in this affiliate store are all selected to add enjoyment and comfort to our loyal friends.

More products will be added to this store, as requests come in for specific favorite dog products.   Or when reviews rave about certain items, those will be added to the store as well.

The dog treats listed in this store include air-dried lamb treats, chicken and venison jerky treats, lamb liver jerky treats, venison jerky treats, and jerky lamb treats.  All of them rate at least a 4.6 on Amazon by previous customers.

The dog beds listed in this store are selected with the intent of offering more comfort to our friends, including our older friends who may be experiencing some joint pain.  The beds are orthopedic, memory foam to offer cushioning so our friends would sleep in more comfort.  They come in a variety of sizes.  There are even extra large beds for large breeds.  Some of them include water resistant covers.  Some come with washable covers.  Now you won’t need to worry about eliminating odor if they had an accident on their foam bed.  There is also a small bed shaped like a pyramid that’s lined with fleece for puppies or small dogs.  Also for your cats too.  Some dogs do not have double coat, so they might feel a bit chilly in the winter months.  Being able to crawl inside their tunnel bed lined with fleece helps them to stay warm and comfortable as they wait for you to come home.

There’s also a pet seat cover for cars that turns into a hammock.  If your dog likes to be in the backseat, the hammock can provide more room to stretch.  Large dogs such as Golden Retriever and Saint Bernard would appreciate the extra wiggle room.  And if you ever need to step on your brake, your dog has the hammock to brace her from falling onto the floor.  The buckles strap around the headrests.  The seat cover is also machine washable.

There are also dog leash that are hands free, so you can take your dogs jogging, running, or hiking.  It’s nice to be able to jog and run using both arms instead of holding on to a leash with one of them.  Some of these leash are also reflective, so drivers will know that you and your dog are nearby.  Some are light weight.  They come in different colors.  And you can also adjust the waist belt.

And there’s a pet paw protection.  If you live in the colder regions, your dog may have to walk on snow that has been de-iced.  Or you might live in a very hot region, and the pavement is rather unpleasant for your dog’s paws.  Applying the paw protection can help them feel better.

Some of these products come in different sizes and colors.  Hope your dog enjoy some of these products.



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