Treats And How To Keep Our Dogs Healthy

You’ve been careful in choosing the most balanced food for your dog. You’ve been doing all the right things to make sure she is healthy. Now, how about treats? No one can resist those pleading eyes when you are sitting down to dinner, or if you have a bowl of popcorn on your lap while watching television. What do you do?

Yes, those are just treats, and little ones at that. Have you ever considered that the treats you give your dog is a part of her diet? Do you give her one treat a day? Or whenever she looks at you with those begging eyes? Or maybe when you are training her to do some special tricks. And do you give her treats from your dinner plate? Or popcorn while you are watching TV?

If the amount of treats you give your dog in a day totals to be around the size of her meal, this could affect her general health. And in the not too distant future, her vet will want to put her on a diet. And she would NOT like that!

There are some food humans consider as healthy snacks that aren’t healthy for dogs. You would want to check with your vet which kinds of treats are acceptable to your dog’s system. And just because your dog is eye-ing your dinner plate doesn’t mean you HAVE to give something from that plate. How about a carrot stick, a slice of apple? Even an ice cube? Some dogs like broccoli stems and asparagus stems, which actually are good for their oral health. Your friend doesn’t really care what kind of treats you give her (maybe some would mind,) they just want to be a social eater. They see you eat, and they think they should too.

It is hard to stop giving your dog treats cold turkey. How about finding out the appropriate amount of treats your dog can have in a day and still stay healthy, and put those treats in a bowl. Then when it’s gone, it’s gone. It’ll start again tomorrow. Or, you can break a larger treat into smaller portions, and spread them out through the day. Your dog probably doesn’t care HOW big the treat is. She just wants a treat.

These are just some ideas to help you ease into giving your dog fewer treats, or at least healthier ones. This helps your dog to stay around for a long time!

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