How To Choose The Right Treats For your Dogs

How To Choose The Right Treats For Your Dogs

Dog treats are available in a huge variety of flavors, shapes, types, colors and sizes. They are an excellent way to reward or to train any type of dog. However, some dog treats are full of artificial additives and preservatives, so make sure you read the list of ingredients on the packet before you buy them.

Faced with such a variety it’s hard to know which types of dog treats are best for your dog. Let’s take a look at what’s available and then you can make an informed choice.

The first category of dog treats is soft treats. Being small makes these nutritious nibbles particularly suitable for training and they won’t spoil your dog’s appetite for dinner or upset her stomach.

Another treat category is biscuits, and these are also good for training purposes. Beef liver treats are a popular choice. You can put these treats into small sandwich bags to take with you for training sessions.

Snouts and ears are also much loved treats. Smaller puppies and dogs can be kept entertained for hours with a delicious pig’s ear! Most ears and snouts come with a smoked flavor which will add to you pet’s enjoyment.

Hard treats such as bones and rawhide satisfy a dog’s natural urge to chew and can help clean their teeth and remove plaque. While dogs do enjoy them, many experts advise against rawhide dog treats. Don’t be tempted to give your dog chicken or turkey bones as these can splinter when chewed and can pierce vital organs, often resulting in fatality.

More and more pet owners are choosing organic treats for their dogs. These treats are free from any chemicals or toxins and are often fortified with vitamins and minerals, which can help, prevent the development of skin problems, allergies, and diabetes and kidney problems.

Dog treats should be high in vitamins and nutrients and low in fat. Vegetables such as raw broccoli, raw baby carrots or raw red peppers can keep even a fussy dog happy. You can also try pineapples, grapes bananas, apples and pears. Your dog will soon let you know which she prefers.

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